Music as a class is playing vital role in children’s development in school. It can help for emotional development, discipline, relaxing and most important better self confidence.


The school being equipped with good play ground, has a lot of organized sports and games, volleyball, cricket. Badminton, long jump, high jump, race and relay- race and many more children are encouraged to participate in these and attend physical education classes unless excused for medical reasons.


Taking part in a cultural activity is not compulsory, but highly recommended. It helps students deal with both success and failure as well as develop discipline, leadership, resilience and social skills. All school functions are supported by musicians, speakers, dancers and actors, who can showcase their work on centre stage. These are great opportunities for parents and the School to see what their students have achieved and for the performers to test themselves, in front of a larger audience.


School organize time to time school competitions for their students overall development. Games, Sports, Debate, Art Competition, inter school Competition, On the Spot Essay Competition, G.K. Quiz, Elocution Contest, Writing Competition, Flower Decoration, Science & Craft Exhibition.

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